Class A permit test CDL Practice Test Answers FREE CDL Practice Test and Answers Class A permit test  CDL Practice Test and Answers Online CDL Practice Test Answers Class A permit CDL Practice Test Answers FREE CDL Practice Test and Answers Class A CDL permit CDL Practice Test Answers CDL test CDL Practice Test and Answers FREE CDL Practice Test and Answers Online CDL Practice Test and Answers FREE CDL Practice Test and Answers
Free CDL Training Class A permit test CDL Test Answers Free CDL Test Answers - Online CDL Practice Test - CDL Study Guide Free DMV Practice Test CDL Test Answers and Study Guide Free DMV Practice Test Class A permit test  CDL Practice Test Answers Free DMV Practice Test CDL Test Answers and Study Guide Free DMV  Practice Tests DOT Class A Permit Test CDL Free DMV Practice Tests CDL Test Answers and Study Guide Free Online CDL Test Answers Free CDL Test Answers and Study Guide Free Class A Permit CDL Online DMV Free CDL Test Answers - Online CDL Practice Test - CDL Study Guide
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1. The tendency for long commercial vehicles to swing wide on turns is called:


2. Water is the best way to put out a fire when the fuel is:

 None of these.

3. Three things factor into how quickly you can come to a full stop; those are:

 Perception distance, response distance, reaction distance.
  Perception distance, reaction distance, braking distance.
 Observation distance, reaction distance, slowing distance.
 Road conditions, speed, perception distance.

4. If you park along side the road at night, you must:

 Turn on your four-way emergency flashers.
 Keep your turn signals on all night.
 Set up warning triangles within 10 minutes of pulling over.
 Sound your horn every 20 minutes.

5. Whenever you drive at night, you should:

 Make sure you are well rested.
 Drink plenty of water.
 Slow down.
 Always drive with your high beams on.

6. The phrase gross combination vehicle weight is figured by adding together:

 The load and the trailer only.
 The trailer and the axle weight.
 The trailer and the powered vehicle.
 The cargo, the trailer, and the weight of the vehicle.

7. While driving, the driver should always be looking down the road:

 20-30 seconds ahead.
 2-5 seconds ahead.
 5-10 seconds ahead.
 12-15 seconds ahead.

8. Drivers should check the exhaust system regularly because:

 Fumes can pollute the air.
 To reduce heat and noise.
 Sometimes-fatal fumes can come into the cab and make you sick.
  A faulty system can cause your engine to seize up.

9. You can assume that posted overhead clearance signs are correct:

 Except in certain bad weather conditions.
 Sometimes, except when the road has just been paved.
 Because they are checked regularly.
 Never, because your cargo load may effect clearance.

10. When you park your vehicle, you should find a place that:

Does not require backing up as you leave.
Allows for 10 feet of space all around your rig.
Has no downward slope.
Is recommended by other truckers.

11. If you have a breakdown or emergency, you need to put reflective triangles out at:

100 feet, 100 feet and 200 feet facing approaching traffic.
20 feet, 100 feet and 200 feet facing approaching traffic.
10 feet, 100 feet and 200 feet facing approaching traffic.
25 feet, 100 feet and 250 feet facing approaching traffic.

12. In hazardous weather conditions, you should:

Maintain the posted speed limit.
Slow down and contact dispatch for further instructions.
Turn on your high beams so you can see more clearly.
Keep driving until you come to a truck stop.

13. When driving down a steep downhill grade, you should:

Shift into a higher gear than one you would use to go up the same grade.
Read your vehicle’s manual before attempting the grade.
Shift into the same gear that you would use to go up the same grade.
Shift into a lower gear than one you would use to go up the same grade.

14. Before beginning a trip, you should always:

Verify that the cargo is secured.
Check all lights and safety equipment.
Test your steering and brake systems.
All of the above.

15. You have to study and pass a test before you are granted a commercial drivers license:

If you carry more than 5 passengers.
If your CGVW is above 26,000 pounds.
If your cargo is livestock.
If you drive cross-country.

16. To help ensure passenger safety, bus drivers should always check to make sure the following are all in working order:

The emergency exit handles.
The railings and handholds.
The signaling devices on doors.
All the above.

17. Before you can take the driving portion to get your commercial drivers license, you will need to:

Make an appointment.
Test drive the same type of vehicle you will be driving commercially.
Conduct a pre-trip inspection with the examiner.
All the above.

18. The purpose of conducting the pre-trip inspection with an examiner is:

To make sure you know if a vehicle is safe to drive.
To make sure you know what to check before driving.
Both A and B.
To make obtaining a CDL more difficlut.

19. Unsecured cargo can be dangerous because:

During shifting it can harm you or damage the vehicle.
It will cost the company a lot of money if cargo gets damaged.
Your insurance rates may go up.
Shifting cargo causes down-surge forces.

20. The rules governing covering loads, securing cargo, where you can drive, and how much your load can weigh:

Are determined by the federal government.
Are determined by local government.
Are determined by local, state, and the federal government.
Are determined by state government.

21. The maximum weight that a tire can carry at a specific tire pressure is called:

Tire weight.
Max tire pressure.
Tire max weight.
Tire load.

22. Overloading a vehicle may have adverse effects on a vehicle’s:

Speed and braking control.
Steering and suspension.
Brakes over heating.
All the above.

23. The reason why cargo is required to be covered in many states is:

So the weather doesn’t damage the cargo.
So the cargo does not fall off the vehicle.
Both A and B.
So nobody knows what materials you are carrying.

24. You should get into the habit of inspecting your cargo:

Only at the beginning of a trip.
Only midway through a trip.
Cargo is only inspected by state inspectors.
None of the above.

25. If your vehicle is equipped with air brakes, you need to know:

The parts of the air brake system.
How to inspect and test the brake system.
What to do if there is a problem with brakes.
All the above.

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Well, you were right. The CDL test was tough! Hundreds of questions in 2 hours with a high percentage to pass, but... I passed!!! I do not know how I would have gotten several questions right had it not been for the CDL practice test I downloaded from your website. Your materials are essential and helped a great deal! Maybe you should put more of the CDL practice Test questions online for free? I still need to take the HAZMAT endorsement test...

Matt Hudson, Memphis, TN


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Barry Gammill, Dallas, TX


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Bob Carter, Little Rock, AR


I thought I was prepared for the CDL test and I found your website at the last minute before the exam. When I started reviewing the practice questions, I had a sense of impending doom... I think I may have answered 7 questions correctly on your online / free CDL practice test when I took it the first time. I reviewed your CDL Study Guide materials for a couple of weeks and then sat for the exam. I passed!! I cannot believe how similar your practice questions are to the real CDL test questions. Thanks a bunch!

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Stephen Rice, IA


I had decided to go to a CDL school in Ohio and knew I needed to get a temp packet from the DMV. So the night before I sat and did the test about 6 times and when I went to get the temp packet I figured I would take the test just to see how bad it really is (figuring I would Fail for sure). Huge surprise. The cdl test is almost Identical to yours. I passed the first time with minimal study. After passing the general knowledge portion he (testing officer) asked if I wanted to take any others. So I took the Air Brake test figuring it would be even harder. Yet again, JUST LIKE YOUR CDL TEST. I passed it first try. I am so impressed with this that Im starting to doubt the school is really all that important. Thanks again this is great.

Larry Maple, OH


Folks - First of all,thanks for a job well done. I passed the CDL Endorsement test on the first try with an 89% average score on all 6 of them. That is perhaps the closest cdl practice test to the real cdl test I have EVER came across. Anyway, thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

Don T., MD


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